Available for high-end iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Aviation Empire is a 3D strategy game in which you run your own airline. The challenge: make money! Invest in a well maintained up to date fleet, create a profitable network with international destinations and build your airports with all kinds of facilities that make your passengers happy.

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Create a profitable around-the-world network with lots of destinations all over the globe. Be sure to use the right aircraft for every route!
Invest in your fleet to keep it up to date! Expand all your airports with runways, hotels, air traffic control centres, terminals and hangars.
Log in with your social media account to give gifts to your friends, check in with (real-life) GPS to unlock destinations and badges, and don’t forget to share any activity on social media. And… watch out for hurricanes!
Try the mini game! Fly through as many hoops as you can in 60 seconds to earn some extra credits.
Play story mode to ask the advisors for help. Try advanced mode and play Aviation Empire just the way you like it!

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Aviation Empire

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Update 1.3 / October 2