Available for high-end iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Aviation Empire Platinum is a new 3D strategy game in which you run your own airline. The main challenge: make money and conquer the globe! Invest in a well-maintained and up to date fleet, create a profitable network with international destinations and build your airports with all kinds of facilities that make your passengers happy.

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Move through the world of aviation as you complete various tasks over the years, reliving aviation history!
Invest in your fleet to keep it up to date! Build and expand all your airports with runways, hotels, air traffic control centres, terminals and hangars.
Expand your global network so your fleet connects passengers from all over the world! You can even log in with your social media account and check-in with (real-life) GPS to unlock new destinations and badges!
Complete your tasks and unlock world-famous airplanes with your progress!
Create a profitable around-the-world network with lots of destinations all over the globe. Be sure to use the right aircraft for every route!

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Aviation Empire

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