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About Jets

Jets is a mobile game in which you lead your paper plane safely through an obstacle-ridden cardboard world. You can do this in a fun-packed single player mode, but the experience gets even more exciting when you use your social media account to challenge friends.

Jets' first levels are set in Amsterdam and New York City. Fly your plane through the old city center of Amsterdam and over its famous canals. Or enjoy the view from the Statue of Liberty and find your way through New York City’s crowded Times Square.

Climb through the ranks by practicing on your own, or challenge your friends! Unlock over 25 different skins, including KLM Royal Dutch Airline’s historical paintjobs. Can you find and unlock the 3 special planes?

Unique connection with the real world

When Jets' players book a flight with KLM they get rewarded with in-game goodies. And when they fly from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or have a transfer in Amsterdam they earn even more rewards by arriving at their gate on time.

Jets can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you want to stay informed about Jets updates, please like the Jets Facebook page or sign up for the newsletter.

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Features Jets offers

In the single player mode of this endless flyer you unlock new missions, collect items and set high scores. In the turn-based multiplayer mode you challenge your friends to beat you in the exact same mission. Winners can instantly share their victory on social media.

  • Climb the ranks, from rookie to captain, unlock new missions and skins in the fun-packed single player mode
  • Play against friends and compare your scores on the leaderboards
  • Improve your score by using one of three super handy power-ups
  • Let your friends know you’re the best captain through social media
  • Beautifully designed papercraft art style
  • Earn extra in-game rewards by flying KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and by being at the gate on time for your flight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Paper-crafted versions of other world cities will be added to the game later this year.

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